Sarasota Grid Un-Locked Series Explores Walkability and the Future of Planning

Grid Un-locked: More Creative Solutions (October 2017)

Rick Hall gave a presentation to the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce where he discussed walkability and the future of planning. He explored Background (the Problem), Mobility Revolution and Context Policy. His Recommendations included:

  • What the government can do?
    • Map Context & develop Form Based Codes
    • Follow Andrew Georgiadis’ advice!
    • Advocate & Incentivize Complete Streets w/FDOT as partner
  • What businesses can do?
    • Prepare for the mobility CHANGES via research
  • What can project developers do?
    • Design and build according to Context and stay current
  • What you can do?
    • Read all you can
    • Support emerging mobility concepts politically

 Sarasota Grid Un-locked Seres


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