Kentlands Community Foundation Workshop

Workshop and Lecture for Kentlands Community Foundation and City of Gaithersburg, MD (June 2017)

The Foundation, under its Downtown Initiative, led an effort to take a comprehensive review of the current Master Plan to facilitate a holistic and cohesive approach to redevelopment. Kentlands Boulevard was identified as an area requiring a closer study. Currently the Boulevard acts as a divide through the commercial district and poses critical safety concerns for pedestrian use.

Rick Hall led a one-day workshop and gave the presentation "Can Kentlands Boulevard be a Complete Street." A key theme throughout the day was "manage motor vehicle speeds for pedestrian comfort and safety." His thoughts on Short, Medium and Long Range projects included the following:

·         Short

·         Apply fresh pavement markings at all Kentlands pedestrian crosswalks, adopting the "Abbey Road" style [or continental style] of parallel White Bars, without edge stripes

·         Test an additional rectangular flashing beacon [RRFB] to the Main Street Roundabout

·         Medium

·         Extend the east/west splitter Islands at the Main and Market Roundabouts

·         Narrow the overall pavement within the east/west circulating lanes for each roundabout

·         Adjust the crosswalk locations to behind the first entering vehicle

·         Add Reverse Super-elevation of – 2% to manage the speed of circulating vehicles

·         Enhance New Development review procedures to address walkability performance with equal priority to motor vehicle performance

·         Long

·         Enhance circulation in Kentlands Square and other commercial redevelopment by adding a left turn access from Great Seneca Highway near the proposed Transit Station

·         Monitor projected transportation circulation to validate future roundabout operation in their current locations

·         Enhance bicycle mobility along the Boulevard with elevated or protected lanes

·         Implement enhanced soil structure design, such as Silva Cells, for Market Street tree wells

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Kentlands Boulevard Walkability Presentation 

Article: Kentlands Town Crier [08/10/17]

Improved pedestrian safety is (hopefully) coming to Kentlands Boulevard


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