An Expanded Functional Classification System for Highways and Streets

TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) has released a pre-publication, non-edited version of Research Report 855: An Expanded Functional Classification System for Highways and Streets. This report builds upon preliminary engineering of a design project, including developing the purpose and need. In particular, it provides additional contexts beyond urban and rural, facilitates accommodation of modes other than personal vehicles and adds overlays for transit and freight. Two case studies illustrating application of the expanded system to actual projects are included.

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FDOT Context Based Design

Florida DOT's bold policy regarding their Complete Streets Initiative (CSI) has yielded context classifications for every mile of state streets and highways. The new Florida Design Manual references these place classifications when specifying design element standards. Finally, land use and transportation are connected in an official policy document. You can download this unofficial external draft which describes the policy still in force by the Department.

Download FDOT CSI Handbook External Draft (Unofficial)


Street Safety Discussion

Street Safety Discussion on WFSU Radio (June 2017)

Rick Hall sat down with Kate Payne, WFSU Radio, to discuss Street Safety.


Sarasota Grid Un-Locked Series Explores Walkability and the Future of Planning

Grid Un-locked: More Creative Solutions (October 2017)

Rick Hall gave a presentation to the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce where he discussed walkability and the future of planning. He explored Background (the Problem), Mobility Revolution and Context Policy. His Recommendations included:

  • What the government can do?
    • Map Context & develop Form Based Codes
    • Follow Andrew Georgiadis’ advice!
    • Advocate & Incentivize Complete Streets w/FDOT as partner
  • What businesses can do?
    • Prepare for the mobility CHANGES via research
  • What can project developers do?
    • Design and build according to Context and stay current
  • What you can do?
    • Read all you can
    • Support emerging mobility concepts politically

 Sarasota Grid Un-locked Seres

Kentlands Community Foundation Workshop

Workshop and Lecture for Kentlands Community Foundation and City of Gaithersburg, MD (June 2017)

The Foundation, under its Downtown Initiative, led an effort to take a comprehensive review of the current Master Plan to facilitate a holistic and cohesive approach to redevelopment. Kentlands Boulevard was identified as an area requiring a closer study. Currently the Boulevard acts as a divide through the commercial district and poses critical safety concerns for pedestrian use.

Rick Hall led a one-day workshop and gave the presentation "Can Kentlands Boulevard be a Complete Street." A key theme throughout the day was "manage motor vehicle speeds for pedestrian comfort and safety." His thoughts on Short, Medium and Long Range projects included the following:

·         Short

·         Apply fresh pavement markings at all Kentlands pedestrian crosswalks, adopting the "Abbey Road" style [or continental style] of parallel White Bars, without edge stripes

·         Test an additional rectangular flashing beacon [RRFB] to the Main Street Roundabout

·         Medium

·         Extend the east/west splitter Islands at the Main and Market Roundabouts

·         Narrow the overall pavement within the east/west circulating lanes for each roundabout

·         Adjust the crosswalk locations to behind the first entering vehicle

·         Add Reverse Super-elevation of – 2% to manage the speed of circulating vehicles

·         Enhance New Development review procedures to address walkability performance with equal priority to motor vehicle performance

·         Long

·         Enhance circulation in Kentlands Square and other commercial redevelopment by adding a left turn access from Great Seneca Highway near the proposed Transit Station

·         Monitor projected transportation circulation to validate future roundabout operation in their current locations

·         Enhance bicycle mobility along the Boulevard with elevated or protected lanes

·         Implement enhanced soil structure design, such as Silva Cells, for Market Street tree wells

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Kentlands Boulevard Walkability Presentation 

Article: Kentlands Town Crier [08/10/17]

Improved pedestrian safety is (hopefully) coming to Kentlands Boulevard

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