What We Do

Hall Planning & Engineering, Inc. specializes in New Urban transportation practice areas.  HPE focuses on walkability for traditional neighborhood design at the block, neighborhood and regional scale.  We engineer thoroughfares and networks for downtowns, new towns and suburban retrofits.  We perform one-way to two-way conversions, roundabout analyses and parking analyses and design.  In addition, our conventional practice includes traffic impact analysis, corridor studies, operations analysis, area-specific plans and city-wide transportation plans.

Special capabilities and skills include the use of Synchro and HCS traffic software to quantify and prove the performance of walkable transportation designs.  We also apply HPE's Walkability Index to assess the quality of the walking experience; a level of service (LOS) for pedestrians.  As a charrette team member, we fulfill the need for transportation expertise to discuss and resolve public works, emergency response and utilities issues. 

In addition, we advocate walkability through workshops, lectures and panel discussions.  HPE provides instructors for the SmartCode Workshops, Form Based Code presentations and other forums.


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 A Walkable Thoroughfare in I'On, South Carolina
A Walkable Thoroughfare in I'On, South Carolina




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